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Nicht aus der Apokalypsis…

28. Oktober, 2008 ·

[Uuh, das Sentiment ist schon "gloomy, gloomy". Die Finanzkrise wird mit "apokalyptisch dunklen" Farben gemalt, was Stanley Bing mit einer Kolumne aufgreift...]

And the land was overrun by prophets of doom, and with them came four horses, and on those horses were four riders, and the names of those riders were Fear and Anger and Gloom and Panic.

And these gloomy, mostly pudgy and balding prophets shouted from the rooftops, predicting the end of happiness, the end of the dollar, the onset of starvation, the collapse of markets globally, and the hegemony of China. And those who prophesied the worst got the most airtime.

And darkness reigned upon the waters, and a cloud of verbose unknowing spread across the globe.

The New Yorker, Enough of the apocalypse already!

Und es wird genug sein, und es wird neues Licht erscheinen…

And they chose life. And it was a lot better than the alternative.


And it was the evening and the morning of the first day of the rest of our lives. May it come soon!

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