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Endlich? Mehr fundamentale Bewertungen der Kapitalmarktlage in China…

28. April, 2008 ·

Der chinesische Markt ist nicht “happy”. Nach eine nahezu Halbierung der Aktienkurse der wichtigsten Indizes, fragt man sich fundamentalere Fragen:

In other words, if we are starting to see Chinese monetary growth powered exclusively by hot money inflows, instead of by the trade surplus as it was in the past, we are entering into a far more volatile stage of the game, where the consequence of a policy misjudgment may be higher than it has been in the past because the outcome is likely to be much more heavily determined by very volatile and hard-to-control and hard-to-judge hot money flows. The risk associated with an adjustment is rising, in other words, even as the cost of not adjusting is too. I worry that another quarter or two of $200 billion plus increases in reserves is going to make the adjustment process for China much more difficult. It is increasingly important that the recession in Europe and the US be as brief as possible if China is going to have room to adjust. If we see additional weakness in the global environment, I think China’s room for maneuvering declines substantially.

China financial markets, The market isn’t too happy, and adjustment risks may be growing

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