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Immobilienkrise: So wurde es gemacht…

10. Februar, 2008 ·

“Anekdotisch”, was:

One Oakland woman, who asked not to be identified, explained how she exaggerated her income – with encouragement from her mortgage broker – when she refinanced her home.

“He didn’t say anything illegal out loud,” she said. “He didn’t say ‘lie,’ he just made a strong suggestion. He said, ‘If you made $60,000, we could get you into the lowest interest level of this loan; did you make that much?’ I said, ‘Um, yes, about that much.’ He went clickety clack on his computer and said, ‘Are you sure you don’t remember any more income, like alimony or consultancies, because if you made $80,000, we could get you into a better loan with a lower interest rate and no prepayment penalty.’ It was such a big differential that I felt like I had to lie, I’m lying already so what the heck. I said, ‘Come to think of it, you’re right, I did have another job that I forgot about.’ “

Und hier weiter zu den anderen Parteien in diesem Immobilien-Theater: Mortgage Meltdown, Plenty of Blame for Lending Mess (Zitat:

Via: Calculated Risk

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