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Die Hypothekenschwierigkeiten können an sich weiter Zahlungsausfälle beschleunigen

6. August, 2007 ·

In der New York Times wird die Kettenreaktion beschrieben, nach der die Schwierigkeiten am US-Immobilienmarkt an sich weitere Schwierigkeiten verursachen können/werden (Registrierung notwendig). Aus dem Artikel:

As the housing market weakens and interest rates on adjustable mortgages rise, more and more borrowers are falling behind. Almost 14 percent of subprime borrowers were delinquent in the first quarter of 2007. Investors, fearful that these problems will hurt the overall economy, have retreated from the stock and bond markets, creating major sell-offs.

And the very innovation that made mortgages so easily available — an assembly line process known on Wall Street as securitization — is creating an obstacle for troubled borrowers. As they try to restructure their loans, they are often thwarted, lawyers say, by strict protections put in place for investors who bought the mortgage pools.

This impasse could exacerbate the housing slump, pushing more homeowners into foreclosure. That would lead to a bigger glut of properties for sale, depressing home prices further.

Im Artikel ist auch ein Schema der Zusammenhänge rund um die Kreditierung am Immobilienmarkt enthalten.

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