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Die Bank of Japan senkt die Zinsen noch näher an die Null

19. Dezember, 2008 ·

Bank of Japan Zinsen

Bank of Japan hat die Leitzinsen heute ein gutes Stückchen näher an die Null heruntergesetzt: um 20 Basispunkte auf 0,10 Prozent.

Zur Begründung — aus dem BoJ-Statement (PDF):

Exports have been decreasing reflecting a slowdown in overseas economies, and domestic demand has become weaker against the background of the declining corporate profits and the worsening employment and income situation in the household sector.

Financial conditions have deteriorated sharply on the whole. Under these circumstances, economic conditions have been deteriorating and are likely to increase in severity for the immediate future. Meanwhile, the CPI inflation rate (excluding fresh food), currently around 2 percent, is expected to moderate reflecting the declines in the prices of petroleum products and the stabilization of food prices.

Looking further ahead, uncertainty in the outlook for the economy to return to a sustainable growth path with price stability has increased. Given the slowdown in overseas economies and the turmoil in global financial markets, it will likely take some time for the necessary conditions for Japan’s economic recovery to be satisfied.

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