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Rede von Ben Bernanke vor dem Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, U.S. Senate

6. April, 2008 ·

Die Rede vom Fed-Chef vor dem Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, U.S. Senate kann unter folgender Adresse gefunden werden:Chairman Ben S. Bernanke: Developments in the financial markets

Das Kernstück zu aktuellen Lage:

Although the situation has recently improved somewhat, financial markets remain under considerable stress. Pressures in short-term bank funding markets, which had abated somewhat beginning late last year, have increased once again. Many lenders have been reluctant to provide credit to counterparties, especially leveraged investors, and increased the amount of collateral they required to back short-term security financing agreements. To meet those demands, investors have reduced their leverage and liquidated holdings of securities, putting further downward pressure on security prices. Credit availability has also been restricted because some large financial institutions, including some commercial and investment banks and the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), have reported substantial losses and writedowns, reducing their capital available to support increased lending. Some key securitization markets, including those for nonconforming mortgages, continue to function poorly if at all.

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