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Der “700 Mrd. Bailout” ist da!

3. Oktober, 2008 · 3 Kommentare

In Amerika ist heute kein Feiertag, oder doch!?

Denn das lange Tauziehen um den Rettungsplan der US-Regierung ist erstmal beendet. Das ca. 700 Milliarden Dollar schwere Bailout-Paket für die kriselnde Finanzbranche ist im zweiten Anlauf auch vom Repräsentantenhaus des US-Congress verabschiedet worden. Zuvor, am Donnerstag, stimmte die andere Congress-Kammer, der Senat, bereits zu. Also eilte Präsident Bush, den Plan gleich zu unterschreiben und in Kraft zu setzen.

Die US-Börsen reagierten auf diese Entwicklung nach einem behaupteten Start letztendlich mit Verlusten. An der Zinsfront spürte man etwas Entspannung … jedoch … von “apokaliptischen” zurück zu “katastrophalen” Aufschlägen bei den credit default swaps, wie hier Paul Kedrosky und Bespoke Investment zeigen.

Etwas mehr aus den Medien:

Bush unterzeichnet Rettungspaket

House Approves Bailout on Second Try (NY Times)

Bush Signs Bailout After House Passage (Wall Street Journal)

Der (obligatorische) Applaus der prominentesten Verfechter…

von Fed-Chef Bernanke:

I applaud the action taken by the Congress. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to do what it takes to support and strengthen our economy. The legislation is a critical step toward stabilizing our financial markets and ensuring an uninterrupted flow of credit to households and businesses.

The Federal Reserve will continue to work closely with the Treasury as it undertakes these new initiatives. We will continue to use all of the powers at our disposal to mitigate credit market disruptions and to foster a strong, vibrant economy.

von Henry Paulson:

By acting this week, Congress has proven that our Nation’s leaders are capable of coming together at a time of crisis, even at a critical stage of the political calendar, to do what is necessary to stabilize our financial system and protect the economic security of all Americans.

The American people will appreciate the leadership of their elected representatives and senators who took bold action to help stem a severe credit crunch that threatens to cost many jobs and undermine access to credit for working Americans.

This bill contains a broad set of tools that can be deployed to strengthen financial institutions, large and small, that serve businesses and families. Our financial institutions are varied – from large banks headquartered in New York, to regional banks that serve multi-state areas, to community banks and credit unions that are vital to the lives of our citizens and their towns and communities. Each institution has its own unique benefits, and their collective strength makes our financial system more resilient, and more innovative. The challenges our institutions face are just as varied – from holding illiquid mortgage backed securities, to illiquid whole loans, to raising needed capital, to simply facing a crisis of confidence. This diversity of institutions and challenges requires that we deploy the tools in this rescue package, in combination with the tools the Fed, the Treasury, the FDIC and other bank regulators already have, in a variety of ways that addresses each of these needs and restores the ability of our financial system to fuel our broader economy.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to alleviating the stress in our financial system. Each situation will be different and we must implement these new programs with a strategy that allows us to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions, and attract private capital. The broad authorities in this legislation, when combined with existing regulatory authorities and resources, gives us the ability to protect and recapitalize our financial system as we work through the stresses in our credit markets.

We will move rapidly to implement the new authorities, but we will also move methodically. In the coming days we will work with the Federal Reserve and the FDIC to develop strategies that deploy these tools in an expedited and methodical way to maximize effectiveness in strengthening the financial system, so it can continue to play its necessary and vital role supporting the U.S. economy and American jobs. Transparency throughout this process will be important, and I look forward to providing regular updates as we move ahead to implement this strategy.

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